Keith & Carl are back! S2 Ep3: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning. Is it a corporate buzz word? Yep. Do well paid people spend way too much time fretting over PowerPoint presentations in a fleeting effort to wordsmith the phrase “my plan is to grow the business and my ideas need money.”? Yep. Did Keith and Carl put their podcast on hiatus because “planning season” sucked every minute of their time, like a child annoyingly sucking down that seemingly unending last drop of a chocolate malt? Yep.

Well, Keith and Carl are back and ready to drop their opinions on a topic that is close to home, and frankly, took part in their home. Successful businesses use strategic planning to drive results in the coming year, and Carl, being the planner that he is, thought it would be a stellar idea for the duo to create a strategic plan for the podcast on the podcast. Do you think they will hit their growth goals?

While they were away from each other, Keith and Carl missed exploring the other’s life through their random, unscripted questions in their favorite section of the podcast, “Keith and Carl Become Friends”. Listen in as they discuss 90’s sitcoms, cool cars and bench seats.

Click the link to listen now! S2 Ep 3: Strategic Planning

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