Tips & Tricks: Virtual Interviews & Salary Negotiations

You did it. The company called you back, and now you have a handful of interviews scheduled for your dream job. And they are all VIRTUAL!

Now what? You listen to Season 2, Episode 4 “The Virtual Job Interview”!

Keith and Carl, experienced interviewers in this new virtual world, take the time to provide valuable tips and guidance to help you land that dream job. The smallest things make the biggest difference!

And once you land that job and an offer is presented, you need a negotiation plan to maximize your starting salary! In Season 2, Episode 5 “Negotiate that job offer. Get Paid!”, Keith and Carl share with you a multi-step plan to maximize your value during the negotiation process. Don’t leave money on the table! While this is a big day for you, just know that for the hiring manager and HR, it’s another “to do” on their list.

Thanks for listening! Drop us a note and tell us what you think!

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