Tips & Tricks: Virtual Interviews & Salary Negotiations

You did it. The company called you back, and now you have a handful of interviews scheduled for your dream job. And they are all VIRTUAL! Now what? You listen to Season 2, Episode 4 “The Virtual Job Interview”! Keith and Carl, experienced interviewers in this new virtual world, take the time to provide valuable […]

Keith & Carl are back! S2 Ep3: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning. Is it a corporate buzz word? Yep. Do well paid people spend way too much time fretting over PowerPoint presentations in a fleeting effort to wordsmith the phrase “my plan is to grow the business and my ideas need money.”? Yep. Did Keith and Carl put their podcast on hiatus because “planning season” […]

Season 2 is here!

Episode 1 of Season 2 has been dropped! Listen to Keith and Carl’s “Salute to Restaurant Workers”. In Season 2, the guys are taking a slight departure away from corporate America because, well, they had a lot of explaining to do in the office. Not really, but they have experiences and stories to share from […]

A Work From Home Parody Video!

Check out the latest from Keith and Carl! Enjoy this short sketch about the absurdity of virtual meetings. For some of you, many of these scenes may seem oddly familiar…

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